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Can UF wire be used instead of conduit for exteroir lighting directly under vinyl siding?

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Can UF wire be used instead of conduit for exteroir lighting directly under vinyl siding?

This is a 2 family house.

The conduit for exterior lighting was removed and romex simpull was installed outside. (contraxctors guys)

I did 50 hours of research and with your help also know that is not within NYC Code and needs to be changed.

Contractor brought in another guy and said he is a electrician and I showed the contractor and the electrician the info from the store that states from the manufacturer that irt is for indoors.

He said not sure that is what he used, I said it is I took a piece of scrap of it after thwe siding guy installed it and that is what you had them use.

Now the guy that says he is a licensed lictrician wants to use UF instead of the romex simpull directly under vinyl siding going across like a conduit bar but under the siding?

I am trying to find out if this is good and if anyone knows if this is code in NYC.

I must of said something else that scared him because he then said he will use xconduit instead outside the siding. but not so nice looking.

which is better and why.

I can't trust the people working for me but to many things are started and not complete.

what he didn't start will be off the table though.

please help again. thanks

UF can be used outside and (post #195676, reply #1 of 1)

UF can be used outside and exposed under two conditions:

1) It's rated for UV exposure.

2) It's reasonably well protected from damage.

Under siding one could argue that the UV rating isn't needed, but most UF is UV rated anyway, so probably not an issue.

The "protected from damage" issue is bigger.  By concealing the cable under the siding some inspectors would argue that it's more apt to be damaged by someone installing, say, a plant hanger.  The inspector's view may be that either the cable must be exposed, or it must be in conduit or at least 1.5" behind the sheathing.

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