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Cost of Refacing Cabinets

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Does it save lots of money to have cabinets refaced? Thanks.

Lots? (post #206457, reply #1 of 2)



Remember, you have to replace the doors and drawer fronts, probably new hinge hardware and the knobs or pulls.  Add to that drawer hardware....................

Are you having the doors and drawers made up?  finished or unfinished?

Do you replace the shelves?

What are you refacing with?  Laminate or real wood veneer?


Are you doing this yourself for yourself?  if so, then labor is the big savings...............or not if you could be making money elsewhere.


If the boxes are in good shape, you're not replacing the counters/sink/splash, then probably it is a much?


that's right, that was the question you asked..................

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We had our cabinets refaced.  (post #206457, reply #2 of 2)

We had our cabinets refaced.  I believe we saved roughly half over getting new cabinets, though we never did a detailed workup.

But it goes faster, there's much less disruption (the cabs do not need to be completely emptied) and you get a known quantity in terms of the cabinet quality (though of course you need to judge if that's good or bad).

But bear in mind that a lot depends on the skill of the refacer, and what materials are used.  In our case premium materials were used (actually thin plywood), while some installers just use flimsy veneers.

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