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elevator in 100 year old house

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I have a potential client who would like to create a home theatre in 3rd story attic space. Problem is the exsiting stairs are to step and redesigning the roofline is out of question. Has anyone put in an elevator in a older home? Is it very costly? I understand there is a lot of questions that could be asked but I was just curious about the cost compared to completly redesigning the stairs and existing bedroom. Thanks for any help. 

As the only means of access I (post #206126, reply #1 of 2)

As the only means of access I wonder if it would pass the building department? I know in some places it would since it's use would only be occational (that's what we'd say to get non-code compliant spiral stairs to upper floors of odd places.) Other places aren't as accommodating. I really like the idea - makes going up to the room more interesting. Along the same lines since it's a "seldom used area" could you use a non-code conforming stair of some kind - such as ships stairs....

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It ain't cheap.  I found this (post #206126, reply #2 of 2)

It ain't cheap.  I found this on one web site:  "a basic two stop residential elevator price is going to range from somewhere below $20,000 to in excess of $25,000."  Obviously, if you want more floors covered it will cost more.

And you'd need a clear shaft from the lowest floor where it would operate up to the top.  Apparently about 5x5 feet minimum.

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