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estimating plumbing work

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Would like to have a ballpark estimate of the hours necessary to rough-in the plumbing in a new 500 sq. ft. first floor cottage. Delling will have wood flooring. Bathroom will have basic tub/shower, water closet, and a lavatory. The kitchen fixtures will consist of a sink and a dishwasher. Near the bathroom will be a  35/40 gal water heater. I would also like to have a rough idea of the hours necessary to install the five fixtures and the water heater. I'm not a trained plumber, but have some knowledge and handy with tools. Appreciate any information anyone cares to offer.


So do you want the time it (post #205926, reply #1 of 2)

So do you want the time it would take a plumber to do this, or the time it'll take you to do it?

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So do you want the time it (post #205926, reply #2 of 2)

I'm sorry I didn't make myself understood.  I'm only interested in having an idea how many hours a licenced plumber would need to do the work. Thank you. 

 Ron S.