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Exterior foam detail for soffit/J Channel

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I've been reading for a while but have not posted.  The information contained has been valuable.  


The house that I am working on was built in the 1950's and is a stick framing with vinyl siding.  The house at some point had 1/2" exterior foam applied.  We are located in Pennsylvania.  I added overhangs and gable ladders to provide an overhang.   My questions are these:


My question today is:


When replacing the exterior foam on the house, I am unsure of where to terminate the foam.  I will be doing a soffit under the overhangs all the way around the house.  I will be using aluminum J Channel to secure the soffit on the house side.  Should I mount the J or F Channel on top of the 1/2" foam or should I terminate the foam at the J Channel on the wall?  Attached is a wall detail.

i would run the foam up past (post #211894, reply #1 of 2)

i would run the foam up past the j channel location. mostly because if your foam is not cut on a perfect line you will more than likely be able to notice it as the channel will wave up and down with the uneven cut.

Mark,  I was also thinking (post #211894, reply #2 of 2)

Mark,  I was also thinking about the finished profile... If I stop the foam at the J and add 1/2" for the siding then the J will be recessed back from the finished surface. 

I will attach the J to the foam.  Thanks for the input.