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front of house needs a lift, help me!

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I was wondering what I should do with the front of my house in the spring. I'm thinking of taking off the vestibule so that I can have a covered porch, I would love it if someone had better Idea how to make the front of this house pop a little more. I'm not opposed to any changes with the exception of changing my window, I'd prefer to leave the little room on the front, or modify it if I can. There is a natural stone porch in the front, it's kind of sloppily built and I think it will eventually lead to moisture problems as it doesn't drain properly or anything. I cold use some fresh thinking here. Thanks, Nick

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I think you meant to post pictures, but didn't.  To get more answers you might try posting your question on Breaktime--go to the green box at the top of this page and click on "Breaktime" right after "Other Taunton Sites:".  Be sure to include a photo (or two). There are lots of folks there that do design work and are builders and so on.