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Garage add on addition to MH

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I have a customer that whats a garage add on addition to his mobile home. The MH is 28' wide.  The concrete slab has ready been poured and its 28' long, 28' wide and is 4" thick no footers just a floating slab. The guys that poured the slab did a poor job and is uneven and did not install anchor bolts.  Somebody with more experience please tell me how to go about this project. Thanks in advance 

'mobile home' -- sets the (post #211600, reply #1 of 3)

'mobile home' -- sets the quality factor to start, so garage one step up from dirt floor shed? .

just put a bead of cnstruction adhesive on the slab and glue down some sole plates and go up from there.

for real 'quality', use pt lumber for sole plates. 


If youare where it freezes hard in winter, would help to have gutters and downspouts to take roof water away from slab so frost heave in winter is 'tolerable'.



I agree with junkhound. You (post #211600, reply #2 of 3)

I agree with junkhound. You can try that out.

I think mr Jordan posted (post #211600, reply #3 of 3)

I think mr Jordan posted twice and then left,  did not like the answers on the duplicate post? 

Said it was his FIRST build from ground up,  wonder how it turned out??