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Home Window Siding

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Home Window Siding (post #212155)

Hi there.  


An area of the house siding at my 8-year old house is bulged. It only happens in this one area. I've observed it since I began residing in this house 5 years ago after my retirement. The bulge form remains the same throughout the year. 


There is a house right next to my own, so I think the  possibility of any big wind reaching that walls is fairly small enough.  Does anyone know if it's a big cope, and if I should get it fixed?  Can I set up down pipe joints over the house siding (screwing through it), or should I fix the house siding first? Or getting services spam link removed from is a good idea?      


Thanks in advance! 



Sorry, are you a spammer, or (post #212155, reply #1 of 1)

Sorry, are you a spammer, or just illiterate?  Your question makes no sense.

And American Choice windows catch fire and explode.

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