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I took off the plaster on my wall, now just the Lathe is there!

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A few years back I took off the plaster, on one of my walls. I filled in the cracks between the lathe with

brown silicone. It gave my house a unique look with the wood floors...rustic..

Now I need to know how to put the plaster back on.   The rest of the walls the plaster is loose in areas

I would like to take the rest of the plaster off and put new plaster up . 

Does any one have any good sugestions for me.


Oops (post #199431, reply #1 of 2)

By filling the spaces with brown silicone you took away the area that any new plaster would have to key into the lath. The silicone wil alsol most likely also act a bond breaker on the wood surface, so new plaster wil not likely adhere to it either.

Your old loose plaster areas can be repaired, but the rustic look aresa are done IMO.

I would look at removing as much of the "rustic' lath as possible. Then you can insulate any exterior walls, air seal, and go back with dry wall, possibly in two layers. Another alternative is to hang drywall right over the existing lath. Number three would be a plaster board product that is then skim coated with plaster (ICR what it is correctly called).

Just put up drywall and be (post #199431, reply #2 of 2)

Just put up drywall and be done with it.  If the lath is flat enough you can put the drywall over it.

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