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interior trim bamboozle?

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interior trim bamboozle? (post #192931)

My wife recently bought Anderson windows for her house. Interior trim supposed to be stain grade. All the single unit double hung windows came with installed solid pine extension jams. The larger 2 window units came with extension jams that our contractor will apply. Most of the jam pieces we were provided are finger jointed out of 6 to 8 inch pieces. The home center we bought from insists finger jointed is stain grade, and insists that this is Anderson's standard. I don’t really believe this. I have seroius doubts about what stained finger jointed trim will look like. Who’s right? What is the industry practice/standard?

I think you should have the (post #192931, reply #1 of 3)

I think you should have the contractor make solid pine extensions.  Finger joints will show when stained. 

That is certainly not stain (post #192931, reply #2 of 3)

That is certainly not stain grade. Like the other response was, get your contractor to make jamb extensions. It shouldn't take very long at all, and will look 10 times better. I hope that you didn't pay the lumberyard much for the extensions. Call Anderson. I would be very surprised if this is what is "standard" (I don't deal with Andersons very much so I wouldn't know).



I assume you mean AndersEn? (post #192931, reply #3 of 3)

Yeah, Andersen definitely uses some finger-jointed materials, but I've never seen any "stain grade" interior wood by them that was finger-jointed.

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