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Lifting my house

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I'm looking into lifting my house it was built in 1920 with ballon framing.

My reasoning for lifting is better servablety on plumbing and moving my duct work up under the house.

I found a local house mover to lift it. He quoted me 8800 dollars, But i can not find anybody to rebuild the foundation.

Is there suggestion on finding a contractor to do foundation?

Did you ask the mover for (post #216485, reply #1 of 2)

Did you ask the mover for suggestions?

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That a very good price to (post #216485, reply #2 of 2)

That a very good price to lift a house! Where are you located and how big is the house? 

Regarding finding a contractor for the foundation: What is the existing foundation made of? Do you just need to fill in the change in height or are you replacing the existing?