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Painting Pressure Treated Wood

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I am looking to paint our playset that we put up last fall.  The Pressure Treated Wood has been out (Michigan) since September.  We have not had rain for a few days so I thought I would take advantage to prime and paint it.  Do I need to wash the wood first before I prime it? TIA!

You should only need to wash (post #214898, reply #1 of 2)

You should only need to wash it if it's got bird poop on it, or if it's collected a lot of dust.

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Dont paint it. It will be a (post #214898, reply #2 of 2)

Dont paint it. It will be a maintenance nightmare for the rest of its life The posts of the playset sit on wet ground and the end grain will suck up water. Likewise all connections are not totally sealed and the water will get into the end grain you will have peeling paint everywhere.d . A good wood stain would be much better. If you really want paint use a solid color stain