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   In building my house, I have run into a problem. the copper plumbing has a very small leak. This is a large system, to check each joint requires lots of crawling and climbing. Testing the system with 150 psi air pressure, it leaks 5 psi in 45 minutes. I cannot find the leak ( or leaks ) by noise, feel or soapsuds applied by brush. Some fittings are difficult to see so I'm not sure I get real test results.                  

   The weather is cold enough to freeze water in the pipes so I'm reluctant to fill the system with water. Is there a method that will solve this problem ? Any help will be appreciated, Thank You                                                       


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check the air fill up valve too..they leak  

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   Is the air fill up valve a part of the plumbing system, or part of the air compressor and tank ?

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It is the part that is like the tire valve on your car, or if you are leaving the compressor and hose connected check all of those fittings as well, including the compressor drain!..useually the test gauge is attached to the system, then pressurized. The compressor is removed from the "test". Hope ya find it!  

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You may find more answers and help at the Breaktime forum. Breaktime, the Fine Homebuilding magazine forum, has a much more 'nuts and bolts' approach and is a great place for bringing up questions of a technical nature.

Inspired House's House Chat forum is for sharing home design tips, ideas and experiences.

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Shut the valves in the system and test each section one at a time.

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   The system consists of 2 hot water systems ,each with its own H.W.Tank. The cold water is a single system. I have tested each of the 3 systems as a unit