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Pocket Door Adjustment (help)

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I have a pocket door (circa 1959) which is sticking (it is too low at the front end). There does NOT seem to be any way of adjusting it. The only things I've read on it involve tearing out the wall it is built into (a little heavy handed for an adjustment !)

Any suggestions?

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I can't help you, but if you ask at Breaktime (at top of this page, click on "Breaktime", right after "Other Taunton Sites" in the green box.) they will. Good luck.

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Thanks, much appreciated.

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you have a tough condition. it is to hard to cut the bottom of the door,and you don't want to disturb the it sounds tome like you have a track thats not parallel to the floor.You need to screw the track up at the head above where it rubs the floor . make sure you predrill and use a long enough screw.who knows how the track was framed so you might need angle the screw towards the king stud.