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Should I Replace Insullation

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We live in a townhouse, no basement.  There is a crawl space about 4' high.  Some of the roll-type insullation is falling down.  Should I replace all of the insullation?  The townhouses were built in 1983.  We are on the Atlantic coast - 3/4 of a mile from the ocean.  HELP?

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Is the insulation in bad shape? (Moldy, wet, falling apart, compacted?) If not, you could probably put it back up--you can get springy pointed wires that fit between the joists at a home center to hold it in place, or you can run screws partly into the edges of the joists and run string in a zig-zag pattern to hold the insulation (called fiberglass batt insulation where I'm from).

You'll get lots of advice if you post your question on the Breaktime forum (in green box at top of this page, click on "Breaktime" right after "Other Taunton Sites:"); I think they even have a discussion category for insulation questions. Best wishes.

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Danno, thank you for your advice.  I'll check out Breaktime.  Hubby is now in a nursing home and throughout 40 years of marriage, I've been  his goffer - learning a lot.  Nothing about insullation.


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If you check out Breaktime today, you'll see in the "Heating, Cooling, Insulation" section (I think that's the title) there's a question posted called "Intalling Fiberglass Insulation". He got a couple good responses (and some bad ones--the kraft paper face on insulation is a vapor retarder and should go towards the warm side--in other words, up towards the floor in your case). The poster who talked about twine or "deer netting" is the one to listen to. Good advice there. Was like the fifth or sixth posting. Good luck!

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Danno, thanks, I agree with you.  Yes, the insullation was originally installed correctly.