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Types Of metal roof

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There are several different kinds of metal that are used as roofing materials, and it’s important to know about the unique characteristics and differences between them.

Tin Roofs

Tin roofing has quite a long history in the US. Tin smith craftsmen used to do a roaring trade in tin roofs for residential homes for many, many years although they are far less common now. Some are still installed, but tin is nowhere near as durable as other kinds of metal, steel for instance, and needs to be coated regularly in order to preserve their condition and stop them from corroding.

Zinc Roofs

Zinc roofs are not that much different from copper roofs overall. Both are expensive and both are extremely long lasting. However, copper is widely preferred as it is more aesthetically pleasing.

Steel Roofs

The most common kind of metal roof is made from steel. Being one of the most well developed metal industries, steel is a great choice as it offers strength and flexibility, it’s affordable and it is good for any kind of building be it residential, industrial or commercial. Steel roofs are usually made using G galvanized steel, with galvalume steel being used for the sheet metal coils as it’s of a higher quality. Although other (more expensive) kinds of stainless steel are sometimes used on high end developments like commercial buildings, more often than not galvanized steel is the best choice.

Iron Roofs

The last common metal roofing material is iron. Iron roofs are not common at all, and offer much the same qualities as steel roofs do.

Copper, and Aluminum? (post #198242, reply #1 of 2)

Both copper an aluminum are used as roofing also.

What would be best to use for (post #198242, reply #2 of 2)

What would be best to use for roofing if you live in Tacoma? I would like to know more ideas on the best material to use for my roof. It will be redone and I want it to last atleast more years so that I won't have to always change my roof and so that I can save.