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Wallpaper Seams

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About 6 years ago, we wallpapered over wood walls in our bathroom.  Since then, the expansion and contraction of the walls has opened the seams of the wallpaper.

Is there anything we can put on the walls to prevent this from happening again (besides drywall)?

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You can try asking your question on "Breaktime" (go to green box at the top of this page and click on "Breaktime" right after "Other Taunton Sites:"), but off hand, I would say if it's opened the seams once, it'll do it again. There is a heavy fabric that you can glue to the walls that is used when the walls are in really bad shape before wallpapering (I think you may even be able to skim coat plaster over it). That might work, but I would think that if what the paper is glued to is moving, the seams will have to open or the paper tear or something. In a bathroom you are going to get a lot of movement in wood due to the fluctuations in humidity. May be best to take the wood off and put up drywall (or tile).