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What kind of design/style would you call this???

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Hi All,


I am new to this forum, but had a question to ask and hopefully someone has the answer! So I was in California this past weekend on vacation, doing the whole PCH drive from San Francisco to LA... I fell in love with some of the tall and narrow, multi-level homes along the coast. Some stucco/spanish style, others looking Victorian. I love the stucco/spanish style the most, but I have no idea what to call that style (tall, narrow, and multi-level home). I have tried to search various different home styles and cannot pin point it. 

I think it looks like a townhome, but everytime I search something related I keep getting multi-family plans. I just want to know what would be considered a single family home like the one I've described. I will attach a picture for reference, just to further verify what I am talking about.


Thanks all,