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adding more hardwood flooring

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adding more hardwood flooring (post #201521)

We had the builder install oak flooring with a natural finish in much of our house, except for the bedrooms(carpet). Stairs and hall plus 3 living spaces are oak. Now 8 yrs. later, what choice could we make to install hardwood flooring in the master bedroom? Do we hire the builder's subcontractor to add the same oak flooring, or could we go with a different wood or finish?

Whatever you want.  A good (post #201521, reply #1 of 1)

Whatever you want.  A good installer should be able to match the existing, if it's not too exotic.  And a good installer should be able to handle the transitions at the doorways without much difficulty, if you go with a different "look" in the bedrooms.  No need to hire the builder's guy, but if he did a good job you should at least put him on your short list.

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