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Brick & Siding Color Choices

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I'm about to build a home and am having a difficult time picking the exterior color choices.  My home will be half brick & half siding / shakes.  The first chocie brick we picked was a darker brown called brighton tudor, which looks great with grey stone, but I've never seen an actual home use gray siding.  I would like to do something different since practically every home in my neighborhood uses the same ol same ol brown brick & brown siding combination.  Also, I really would like to use white trim, rather than beige since, again, everyone combines brown with beige & I'd like to be a bit more daring.  (I have seen a couple homes with brown or gray siding & white trim and they looked great).  Does anyone know if brown brick & gray siding combination looks okay?  Does anyone know of good site that would help pick these things?  [Alcoa is good but only for siding colors, not when you have a combination to choose from]


Much Thanks!

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Go with a white siding. Ithink gray looks like primer. White goes with anything.

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Anything but white.  White is for people too timid to make a decision.  It looks too much like a spec home.

I'm partial to green because it's my favorite color.  However, I have found that generally any earth tone goes with any other, so the whole pallet of colors from natural materials would not be bad.

Here's how green might look.  The photo shows it with a reddish brown stone, though on the computer the colors are not real true.

If you do use a light color trim, go for a low chalking paint, otherwise it will show up as streaks on the wall below the paint.