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Choosing exterior house color

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We are choosing a color for primed cement board.  We like the look of grey with white trim and we've been trying to find a Cape Cod Grey color, but not able to get the right tone as most are too blue. Our house is located on a river.

Does anyone have a brand name paint and color number to suggest?



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This does not address your request for an exact specification.  However, I read something so long ago I forget the source and I used this technique to decide.

Take photos of your house.  Use and Exacto knife to cut out the areas for the color in question and place paint samples beneath the cut-outs.  Try out several varieties.  Sometimes what we think we want may not look as we expected.  I was surprised at how well this worked and am very pleased, years later, at the good color choice.  It would be good to pay attention to the roofing color as well.  This would only apply to an existing house or a similar model home, otherwise, the photo technique would not work.

For some reason a photo reveals things we don't "see".  Just think of photos of you, do they ever look like you think you look?  (Mine don't!)  The photo technique can also be very helpful in interior decorating.  Things look fine when you live with them, but when you see the photo, the "issues" become pretty apparent.  Photos provide the critical eye and don't lie.  I think the mind must screen to our perspective, even if it is off.  Have fun and if you try this and it works for you, it would be great to hear your experience.

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This sounds like a great idea. We did try to color match to a weathered board only to find that when we painted an area of the house with it, it was really too dark. There wasn't enough contrast with the roof.

We are back to square one so I'll do some digital photos and see what I can come up with.

Thanks for your suggestion.

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You are most welcome.  I'd be interested to know if this works for you and you are satisfied with your paint color selection, if you make it trying this, and even what other technique you may use. 

Oh, one extra thought, paint has undergone many improvements over the years, but blue tends to be the first to fade, be it paint, or fabric.  I'd tend to look for a fading comment on the label.  If it's not there, going a shade darker may result in the final color you want after a year or two of sun, if you are not after the instant result (which I tend toward!).  Good luck!

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I just heard that Benjamin Moore Paints has a service for trying different paint colors.  First you take a picture of your house and using a computer you can try out different color combinations.  They charge $35, but it is worth looking into.

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Sears. Try the paint sample w/Nocturne Gray on it.
In your case, Thunderstorm (KK312) might be the way to go. Not a light grey but not very blue.

I like a little more blue in my grey. Shows off plants, ESPECIALLY fall color. Oh and white trim w/burgundy red accents.

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