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color of shop building?

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A kind of informal survey (question of style):

We are building a house with an external shop building about 40 feet away. The house will be finished with brick or stone up to about 3 feet, then an EIFS (Dryvit) to the roof. The style is close to prairie. The shop (48x28) will be clad with galvanized steel, with a shingled roof.

Question is: Personally, do you prefer to see the shop try and emulate the color scheme of the house? Or do think it'd be better not to try with such disparate materials and instead make it look more like a barn (and pay homage to the land)? We are in the midwest, surrounded by farms.

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Because of the distance, I'd go for the barn look.  But then,  I like the look of a property that has grown up over time, so I think it looks nice (on a sizable property) to have structures of different styles and eras.

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With the distance and different materials I'd try to not copy the color, but choose something harmonious.