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Empty Shelf to Balance w/Fireplace/Units

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Appreciate feedback as truly wondering what would you do? 

In a new construction family room, planning to take with me, 3 cherry wall units (each approx 36") to be built in on the wall to the right of a "stacked stone" gas fireplace.  To the left of the fireplace, planning to have a custom cherry shelf of almost similar length as the wall units - this will allow us to be prepared for whatever technicnological advances come forward in the television area.

Question:  We will not have this big t.v. located on the shelf immediately & may never as we are not addicted to t.v..   Am concerned about the wall units looking so formal yet the fireplace being so informal & what might we balance with on the long shelf?  Appears to me that the room will look wop-sided but perhaps with the right art work (no experience here), I might achieve an attractive look. 

p.s.  Choose not to locate a t.v. above the fireplace as some now doing for many reasons.


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I can't quite visualize what you are describing, but you may be on the right track with art work--how about a sculture or a lamp or one of those wall hung waterfall things? Lots of possibilities.

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display stuff. framed photos of family and friends. any collections? interesting dishes, rocks, etc. spread them out .
boy, do i wish i had your problem!