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Garage/Apartment on top

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I am looking to build a retirement home but I want to start with a 2 car garage with an apartment on top so I have a place to stay when I go to my property and when I decide to build my home I have a place to stay also. What size garage is a good size to build?

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Well Hvacinstaller, I would think that a lot of that depends.
On whether it's just you, or whether you have a wife and 3 kids for example. Your personal needs must be considered. How long do you plan to stay there. If a couple years or so, one might go for something a bit more spacious. When you are done your project, and moved into the house, are you planning on renting out the garage apartment? The you might want to check out your immediate area and see what is renting best? Maybe where you live there are a lot of singles, maybe its a family area. Then one might consider choosing a plan that would best accomodate that rental need. Do you have furniture now, or are you buying new. If you don't wish to spend money on new furnishings for the apartment, then maybe you should size up what you have and design your spaces accordingly. I'm just trying to open up a few considerations. I'm sure there are very many more to consider. Best of luck, hope this helped some.

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Another thing to consider, many municipalities are not zoned for garage apartments, and only let you have one dwelling unit per lot, so you better check that before you proceed.

I live in an older home, and it has a "carriage house" apartment above the garage. I live in the main house, and relatives stay in the apartment above the garage, or I rent it out. Almost every house on my street has the same thing. The apartment above mine is about as small as you could possibley go, and then I would suggest only one person living in it. It is 24 by 24, with an outside stair. It has a small bedroom with closet, just big enough for a queen size bed, dresser, night stands, armoire, and a small closet. It has a bath, a small living room with a dining table for two, and a nice kitchen.  I would suggest making yours bigger, consider a three car garage below, or at least 2 1/2.  Also, consider an inside stair if you live where there is snow.