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home design software

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I would like recommendations on good, cheap (<$100)home building software that might also have a lot of stock plans. Any ideas? I am using windows xp.

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My "Punch! Home Design" works well - it was around the $100 mark, but it has probably too many programs (18) that take a steep learning curve. You might find a less-powerful version of it for abt $30. You might find $10 around. There's even free downloadable ones (google it). But as far as I know you'll not find many pre-designed houses on them...find specific magazines for that info.

I might be reading too much into this, but if you are expecting a CAD plan at that price to be used for a building permit, you'll be out of luck. Unless you are prepared to find or make designs just for information, and are prepared to hire a building designer - or better yet, an architect - then a cheap program won't help you.

All the best...

To those who know - this may be obvious. To those who don't - I hope I've helped.



Hi,   you can get the (post #175932, reply #2 of 2)



you can get the software for $100 like Adipex  cost under $100 and many more but may sometimes the software are good but it may cost above $100.






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