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house plan designing.

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house plan designing.  (post #215349)

hi and how are you?  please provide me with your knowledge and experience.  i am trying to build a house for my family.  i came up with this plan after considering three concept. my home culture,  colonial and modern design.  with the help of a chief architect program. i designed this layout.  please look at it and share your ideas.  two story house . foundation is crawlspace. 


i have attach the plan layout. 

all comment and recommendation are welcome.

goal is to have a plan that is easy to build and not expensive to frame or build.


thank you

FWIW and IMHO 1) Don't (post #215349, reply #1 of 4)


1) Don't clutter the floor framing plan with furnishings etc..  Show only information necessary to do the construction.

2) Don't recommend the use of center to center dimensions.  And definitely don't use both center to center and face to face on the same drawing. A 2x4 wall is 3-1/2 a 2x6 wall is 5-1/2 etc.  To reduce the arithmatic that the carpenter has tt do on the site, use face to face framing dimensions.

3) For openings (doors, windows etc.) locations, recommend center line location dimensioning.  The nominal door and window sizes are rairly the same as the rough opening.  Note the size (width and height) at the opening or on a  schedule.

Just a few things to consider.

thank you i will take that (post #215349, reply #2 of 4)

thank you i will take that into consideration.


If it were my house.. So, (post #215349, reply #3 of 4)

If it were my house..

So, building it yourself or having it built to your drawing? 


You will be dissatisfied with that tiny garage - maybe go with a 3 car detached garage with more room for bicycles, etc. with breezeway to house?


Make the kids chare a bathroom or 2 (unless ;yuo have 4 girls?)  6 bathrooms???


I prefer the front and back doors be n line for a straight walk thru vs dodge around all kinds of stuff. 


2nd floor plan shoul put walls above walls, appears no conducive to easy floor framing.


How do you plan for 2nd floor fire escape routes from RH side BR? 


If based on places you have lived and your lifestyle and you have experience with this 'busy' type layout, good and well.  IF not, rethink yur movement patterns. 

the stair is around the (post #215349, reply #4 of 4)

the stair is around the middle/center of house.  plan to four kids. three bathrooms.