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Maple cabinets

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Maple cabinets (post #175906)

Hi there. I am at my wits end here and looking for design advice. Maybe I'm just looking for a little encouragement to follow my heart, actually. I am building a house from scratch  and have decided on my kitchen cabinets! (YAHOO!!!!!!). Only problem is that I have my heart set on cherry or eucalyptus hardwood floor throughout the house. I just think it looks really sophisticated. Basically I am dealing with golden yellow-brown tones with the maple cabinets and red-brown's with the floor. Anybody have any idea's or pictures of this combo for me to look at? And just for the record, I know that there are much more important thing's in this world to worry about beside's this but I get obsessed about stupid stuff I guess. Thanks for any advice/pic's!

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I'd advise that you to take a sample of the flooring and a sample of the cabinet wood and take them into the kitchen and look at them side by side. Do this in the morning and in the evening when you are going to be in the kitchen. Because maple is such a white wood, it is often stained when used in furniture, so it's hard to tell you whether it will look good together because your 'maple' probably isn't the natural color. If it is, then you are looking at a pretty white wood that goes with anything.

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Must you use natural maple?  Maple doesn't look that different from cherry with the right stain.

And, in my neck of the woods, the custom cabinet guys charge about the same for the two woods.


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Cherry is very easily dented and scratched. I would stay away. However there are LOTS of other woods to choose from. Right now red oak is more expensive than alot of these. Try some searches for pictures.

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Lyptus for your floor would hold up better than cherry.

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You can stain the maple to a "Honey Maple" which gives it a nice golden tone that would go well with a darker floor.


Lyptus is a good wood for flooring and it is an engineered (gene)  wood that is very sustainable and is a nice substitute for Cherry that costs less as well.

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