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Outdoor Bath

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Outdoor Bath (post #175922)

Need advice and suggestions about constructing an outdoor bath on the southside of our Texas home.  Do you have any recommendations on books/articles that may help me?


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I just got back from out of state and see you haven't exactly been swamped with answers to your question. Try posting it at the Breaktime forum (click on the second heading near the top of this page)--you may get more responses from them. Good luck.

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Not much info for us to work on, sorry. Do you want it in a deck, hanging off a wall, etc? Recessed into the ground?

What's wrong with a standard metal or fibreglass bathtub put ito a hole in your deck. The only things to worry about is that the rim shouldn't rest on the surround (leave 1/4" for subsiding) and there's support around the opening. Run the waste to a drywell, get the plumbing in best way that the location allows.

All the best...

To those who know - this may be obvious. To those who don't - I hope I've helped.



I read ... bath ... toilet, (post #175922, reply #3 of 8)

I read ... bath ... toilet, sink, shower, tub. You want a bathtub or an entire bathroom? I wouldn't do a tub, but that's me. I'd do a shower in a heartbeat (but only a shower) ... especially in Texas ... but a tub? Not my cup of tea. consider this a courtesy bump to the top.

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I'm thinking that in four and a half years if he hasn't already made up his mind he's not going to.

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Outdoor shower? (post #175922, reply #6 of 8)

When I went to Jamaica many years ago on spring break, we stayed at Miss Ruby's boarding house in Red Ground in Negril.

The shower was in the backyard.  Four pieces of corrugated sheet metal supported on four wooden posts.  The water lines were galv. pipe run on top of the ground.  If you wanted a warm shower you waited until the sun had warmed the pipes. No showerhead, the pipe just had an elbow at the top.

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So long.

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