Painted wood flooring

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I'm new to these boards so please excuse the duplication.

My wife would like wide plank painted flooring in our daughter's rooms. What is a cost-effective way to do this?

Thanks for the advice, Larry

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I don't think there's any problem with posting in both forums--I often suggest it to people who post here. I saw your posting over at Breaktime, but I'll give an answer here:

What if you put down plywood instead of planks? I experimented by putting down OSB and painting it to look like a big rug with a border and so on--Realtor who sold the house told me I'd have a hard time selling it that way, so I carpeted over it before I moved.

I would hate to paint almost any wood, but I hear that birch takes paint well. Luan plywood is relatively inexpensive. Maybe the best for paint would be hardboard (Masonite). I hear though that it is finished with wax at the factory and should be wiped down with mineral spirits before you paint it. I would make my first coat pigmented shellac (like Kilz or BIN) to seal it, then paint it with porch floor enamel.


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Thanks for the advice. We've consider 24" plywood squares but I think that could make selling difficult.


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Well, like I said, when you get ready to sell, there's always cheap carpet! But, in reality, you are probably better off to go with wide boards and paint them.