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Sitting Area

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Sitting Area (post #175936)

I am designing a bedroom/bath addition for some potential customers.  The lady has asked for a sitting area to be incorporated into the addition.  Typically would a sitting area need to sectioned off is some manner?  What I have seen is simply enough room in a bedroom to arrange a couple of chairs away from the bed. 

I am very interested in other opinions as to what a, "Sitting Area" entails.


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Maybe it is worth finding out what the customer wants to do when sitting, e.g. is it for reading, watching TV, listening to a radio, writing letters or maybe just to sit down whilst getting ready (taking off shoes etc.)

For example, do you need a table, lamp, someone to rest a drink, etc.  Does it need to be near the window?



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maybe a bay window would be nice, It kind of sounds to me like they want a love seat and a coffee table sort of thing.

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You're kidding right?

The other poster is right ... ask your client what it is they envision a sitting area to be and to be used for. Could be transition to the bedroom, could be part of the bedroom ... the windows may define it. If they want you to design it ... really you should understand some of this already ... but everyone has to start somewhere, I guess.

good luck.

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Usually a "sitting area" has a chair with a round hole in it and a good supply of magazines.

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