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Southwest "Adobe" Style - Exterior Wall Framing

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I have been visiting the Tucson, AZ area recently. I am curious what the typical wall framing detail looks like for the modern "Adobe" Style home? Is it a standard stick frame with insulation and stucco applied, or is there more to it?

What assembly is considered the more energy efficient? What assembly is considered "green"?

Standard Framing (post #208969, reply #1 of 1)

Can't speak for Tuscon, I've never worked there.  But I have visited, and the homes I was looked just like the ones we built in Las Vegas.  So, I would assume that they are pretty much built the same. 

Standard stick built, slab on grade, with a few more shear panels because both areas have relatively high seismic loads.  The exterior is then wrapped with felt and chicken wire, any details are done with shaped foam.  "Stucco" is applied as gunnite in palin gray, and then spray panted to whatever color is desired. 

Highly recommend installation of concrete tile roof. Use at least four colors of tile randomly intermixed.  Some of it will get cracked down through the years. It isn't always possible to get an exact color match, but the available profiles remain unchanged.  If you have a random tile layout, it is easy to work in a replacement with out it being glaringly obvious.