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Starting anew

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Starting anew (post #175926)


Am going to build this year on an old farm in Tennessee. Will have to build from scratch. Am looking for ideas/designs that will allow me to start with a basic building and add to it as I go.

The vernacular will be an old farmhouse similar to the surrounding farms.

I have excellent building skills but am not a contractor. (boat builder) and I have built

my own home before. The house will be conventionally built (stick) and start out small.

The views are great.

Any suggestions ?



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My idea would be the typical Italianette farmhouse style of about 1880-1920.  Tall windows, lots of light, simple style.  Build it with modern products like a modern steel roof (painted red of course), modern style prefab round collumns for the porch, painted MDF for the trim (routed to look like the 8' baseboards a house like that would have originally come with) and I would use radient in floor heating.  One could add to a house like that almost endlessly, it would blend well and look like an original farmhouse.

Of course If I had unlimited time and money I would probably build a log house, but that is just me.



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We are starting a house ourself in the beautiful Hood River Valley in Oregon where views are everywhere. I'll be interested in your progress. I love the farmhouse look, but want the windows with no panes.

Best of luck in this wonderful adventure

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I had a similar idea and was going to start wit ha "foursquare" house and just add on in the four directions to make it into more of a cross. Not too efficient for heating though.