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Triplex designs PLEASE?

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I am new to this chat but decided to check in here as my husband and I are getting ready to finally start building on our property.  We want to build a triplex at a ski resort area and are pretty green at EVERYTHING... at least I am honest.

We have hired an architect to draw up some plans and a General contractor to oversee the project.  Unfortunetly we will not be at the site so we are putting a lot of confidence in these individuals.. 

We have just started this procedure so... I would welcome any expertise and advise anyone out there can give.  The Architect drew up some very rough plans but it really isn't what we wanted.  He said we are just at the beginning and we will revise, but does anyone know where I can check out plans for triplexs? 

I would love to have some ideas to compare things with.  I am reading books and trying to get up to snuff on all the lingo etc.  I know this is going to be a huge learning process, but I hope to learn now and not learn from the infamous "could of, would of, and should of's" we all know so well in life...

Any and all advise welcome


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Hi Brenda,

It would help us to help you if we knew where you intend to build. You can do this with your profile. Just click on your name and click on change preferences.

What type of triplex? Three separate units? For rental, friends, family or spec? Or do you mean Tri-level? Size?

The more info you provide the better the info that you will get in return.



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The idea of rough skeches from the archy is to develope a concept. They are not plans but a springboard for discussion, so he can begin to learn to read your mind and understand what you are after. Spend time discussingt with him what you like and what you dislike so far, then send him back to the board or if you end up with bad vinbes go ookingfor another one.



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