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barstool query

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Hi all,

was wondering if anyone knows the resource for kitchen counter barstools on page 39 of Feb. 2004 issue, article "Two Houses, One Home" ??? I've seen similar bar stools, but not quite the same as these....thanks, K-

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Dear Kekky,

I haven't been able to get ahold of the homeowners for an answer, but you might be interested to know that our upcoming issue (May/June, on newsstands in April) has an entire article on kitchen stools, and includes several sources for different models. I hope that helps.

Best wishes,

Samara Rafert
Editorial Assistant
Inspired House

p.s. Feel free to email or call 866-452-5186 any time you have a question like this. For a variety of reasons, we can't publish resources for everything you see in the magazine, but oftentimes I can contact the homeowner or architect to find out, or suggest a similar alternative.