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Building near trees

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OK, even Wolvie should have a copy by now, and I can't wait any longer to ask. I noticed that the Pratts built their home right up near 2 gorgeous trees. Now how did they do that without damaging them?

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I don't know about Wolvie, but I don't have mine yet (I did subscribe later, though.) My guess on the trees, is that they didn't build without damaging the roots.



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LOL - it can be done.

If there is a foundation to be positioned near the trees, support for the tree has to be considered. also root care, etc.  A good contractor can do that with no problem. Extra expense, yes - problem, no. I have done it in the past for commercial sites.

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a good rule of thumb is the outermost drip edge of the tree canopy is probably as far in as you should allow excavating before root damage can occur.

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Bingo.  That's how we did ours.  The trench that was dug for the footings was just at the edge of the dripline of the trees.

Today, we have a stand of about 6 Loblolly pines (35ft+ tall) at one corner of the house...I would say the closest pine is about 7 feet from the trunk to the siding on the house (so about 16" closer to the edge of the roofline).