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Bumpy plaster wall. Need help to hide

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I have an older house, almost 100 I'm planning on installing a brazillian cherry floor down.I've got some walls that are a little bumpy, I need to know a finish I can use that would look good with the cherry, and mask the walls to some degree. It's only up two flights of stairs I will have to do this, all other walls are goon. Any suggestions

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Since you haven't been overwhelmed with responses here, I would suggest you try asking this at the Breaktime forum.  There is something called "D-mix" that is a finish coat for drywall or plaster walls that you may also be able to do a search on at that forum.

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Wallpaper with flowers or a mural type look hides even very bumpy plaster.Don't use a striped paper,tends to exagerate the bumps.


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back in the 40's and 50's the trend was to cover plaster walls so they looked like drywall [ more "modern" looking I guess} the products they used are still available at paint stores that sell wallpaper. I've also seen a  product called "firstcoat" rolled on the wall then knocked flat with a 12" drywall knife.

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Bumpy plastyer walls are perfect for sponge painting!  I like to use 3 very closlely related shades of the same color.

Use the darkest shade for the base.  Then sponge on the middle shade, & top off with the lightest.  The subtle interplay of light on the shades & splotches  will almost completely disguise the lumps & bumps.

Practice on a piece of masonite, sheetrock scrap, or cardboard first, to make sure you like the look.

Good luck!