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Comments on new magazine

dcousins's picture

I enjoyed the Feb. 2004 issue of Inspired House. I bought it at a Whole Foods

Market in Chapel Hill, NC. I thought it would be the same as BHG, but I actually found

myself READING the articles versus just looking at the pictures. I do agree that some

items were way too expensive and kind of ridiculous - for example the pillows. but

there are people who pay over $300 for pillows. I am the $5 Ikea pillow girl and both

types of pillows were mentioned. I would like to see more before and after pictures

and more pictures of people who re-used materials - (such as cabinets) versus just

gutting and making a "new house" inside. We have a 1960s ranch and were not able

to gut our house because we would not get the money back in our area. We ended

up re-working the old solid wood cabinets boxes, making new ones,

buying new doors through Quality Doors,

investing in a ceramic tile backsplash and new flooring and appliances. It took a lot of

sweat equity but we are proud of our "new" kitchen and we spent less than $4000. 

I think anyone can spend $$ and gut something and pay an architect to design something

nice for them, but it takes a lot of ingenuity to get the kitchen or bath you want using what

you have -better for the environment too! i would like more ideas on how to get a

better home without just going through an architect or designer and would like info on how to do it myself-- that's why I

bought the magazine.