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Hanging Nautical Charts???

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In the October Issue of Inspired House, on pages 54-57 "Shipshape Bath", how exactly did the people "hang" the nautical charts on the walls? I'm interested in doing something similar in our hallway but we just finished MONTHS of scraping wallpaper off of walls and my husband will have nothing to do with any sort of "permanent" wall papering again.

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no idea what the picture you mention shows. what's important is what are your walls now that you've got all that wallpaper off? if it's plain paint, no problem to touch up in future. if your wall treatment is papered or other hard-to-match faux work, you can do 1 of 2 things: install picture molding that you can place and replace hooks on with no damage, or decide on a permanent spot for a hook and just leave it there and change the art if desired.

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The pictures I mentioned are of Nautical Charts (the same as Topo Maps on land but giving features and depths of water for an area in the ocean) that are glued/pasted/somehow placed on the walls covering the whole walls like wall paper. But they're NOT wall paper, so I wondered how they were permanently affixed to the walls (they're not in frames).

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Just because they didn't start life as wallpaper doesn't mean they aren't now. I zoomed through my copy of IH as soon as it came over a month ago so I'm going off memory, but I believe the charts looked as if they had been fully adhered to the wall, just like wallpaper. There are instructions on how to do this using maps somewhere on

Since you don't really want wallpaper, what about adhering your paper to large boards and screwing them to the wall? When you want to change the decor, unscrew them and patch the small holes.

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Thanks for the suggestions!