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help me identify art in Inspired House

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I need information on the paintingon the wall in November/December 2005 issue, page 5 and again also page 57.

The painting appears at:

Here's a picture:

It is a painting of a front porch with 2 wooden reclining chairs overlooking a prarie. 

Any information about this painting would be extreemly helpful.  Likewise, if anyone has a contact point for either of the authors,

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Is there anyone left at the magazine who can help?  Thanks.

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I thought this place was dead in the water! (the house board, not the house in the mag -- nice artwork, BTW!) Have you tried emailing the Taunton editors? They would likely pass a message on to the article's author. It's your best bet.

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Thanks for the idea.  I recall I emailed someone at Inspired House back when the issue came out--but I never heard back.  When I found out the mag was folding, it made sense why no one replied.  I'll see if I can find some other Tauton editors to contact.  I still have the issue.  As I recall, the article was co-written by Susanka and a gentleman.  Seems like I tried to look them both up a while ago.  One would think Susanka wouldn't be too hard to find at Tauton.  Whether she reads every email that comes in asking obscure questions might be another thing, though!

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Bump.  Yes.  I'm still interested in finding out about the painting.  Please help . . . anyone . . . anyone. . .