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Light fixture in Sigrid Simonson article

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I have been looking for a fixture exactly like the light fixture (single sconce) used in Sigrid Simonson's article and video, "A Better House, Not a Bigger One" (Winter 2007, pg 84). If the author can contact me or if any reader has any thoughts on where I can find this fixture, I would appreciate the help!
Thanks in advance!

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It looks very similar to the"Skidmore" fixture, available from Rejuvenation Hardware. They can be found online. Here's a link:



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Sorry for the late reply, Jason, but which fixture are you looking for (If you're still looking) ? If you still have the issue, you'll find the information on some of them in the back, in resources (page 109). If you don't see it there, let us know and we might be able to help you.