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I bought my first issue of Inspired House yesterday (Great Homes edition) and read every word in it. I was planning to subscribe, but by reading the messages on this forum I learned that the magazine is no longer being published. I really missed the boat! VEry sorry to hear there won't be more...

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I am surprised you found the issue you did. If you look in the archives or do a search on this site, you'll find that the announcement was several months ago! Yup, we were all sorry to see it go!

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I found the issue on a newstand in a Vancouver supermarket (Safeway). It's called "Great Homes" (or Great Houses) the best of the Inspired House. I wasn't a subscriber to Inspired House but after reading this particular issue, I had planned to get a subscription. What a shock to find out that it doesn't exist any more.

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Yeah, we were all pretty bummed out about it. I especially liked the Sarah Suzanka (sp?) articles. I have most of her books.

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I've read all of Suzanka's books, too. Some of the "small" houses in her books are still quite large! If you get a chance to read the latest "best of Inspired House" there is a very interesting article about a couple who built their very small house based on her ideas. The photos are lovely and their is also a video tour of the house on the Taunton Press website.

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I have Creating the Inspired House--will have to check out The Best of...