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Pottery sinks

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Hello Inspired House Readers!   I love this new magazine!  We are just beginning framing on our retirement house and suddenly have to finalize selections so am hoping to "bounce ideas" off you readers.

  For starters, I really wanted a glass sink for a hall bath off the kitchen.  However, I don't think this is a realistic choice as our plan is to keep things relatively maintenance free.  Exposed pipes don't cut it and placing said sink in a cabinet would probably be an injustice.  I did find some wonderful custom stoneware basins via the Internet that are coated with porcelain, glazed then fired to nearly 2200 degrees.  Does anyone know how these hold up over the years?  Thanks for the input.

Lori from Knoxville, TN




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For a half bath, I would go with pretty rather than super durable. You aren't going to be using it for anything other than washing your hands. Its not a mud room.

Save durable for the kitchen and main bath.

The once concern that I have about the vessel type bowls is that they don't have an emergency water escape if the bowl filled up too far. They are going to have to fix that problem soon.

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  Is that emergency water escape truly necessary? How many times have you overflowed into it?  For me it has been once in 38 years, and because the overflow was caused by a blockage in the drain line, it didn't do anything except provide a place for a few more ounces of water to go before it too filled up. I'd say that in a kid's bathroom it might be more important, but in a half-bath it doesn't have a lot of function.

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it certainly isn't necessary, I just worry about it. I think that it would be easy enough for them to encorporate a little escape tube down the inside of the bowl.