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Resources for Inspired Ideas

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I was disappointed that the resources for the Inspired Ideas (Vanities Fair) article were not published. There were some products (particularly the sink for the Recycle Station and the towel bar for the Open and Airy) that I would like to know where to find.

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Dear Aimless,

The primary reason that we do not publish the resources for Inspired Ideas is because this department is essentially a compilation of visual examples derived from various architects, books, homeowners, photographers, etc.  Inspired House is not usually involved in the original photography for this department, so we are unable to ask the homeowners or others about the sources for the items pictured.

I am sorry, but it is our hope that the photographs will inspire readers to search for similar items on the web or elsewhere or will simply provide them with ideas for doing something similar. Or, you may get a response from a reader who knows where to get similar items.

Thank you for your input.

Sheila Torres, editorial assistant


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  Thanks for the note of explanation. I was finally able to find the sink - it's discontinued and a little too small for us anyway. But I was definitely inspired!


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Sheila: There's a topic in General Discussion (something about a Magazine subscription) where the topic is that Inspired House is folding up the tent this March. Is that true?