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Ruchika Madan ceramics

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Your coverage of Ruchika Madan's beautiful ceramics was wonderful and well-deserved for such a gifted artist. I met her for the first time last week at her storefront studio in Somerville and found her artwork to be wonderful in so many ways - Her designs are elegant, clean and sophisticated; her glazes are complex with unique elements of surprise; her representations of the natural world (plants, grasses, flowers, birds...) both in design and color are original and very pleasing. She's a delightful artist to spend time with - generous with her time and explanations of her work and what inspires her creations. She's also a great help in selecting what art pieces to purchase - I was overwhelmed with choices because I loved so much of what I found there. She offered her advice on how to choose among her pieces, pointing out delicate details of the glazes, talking about what had inspired particular images in her pieces, and noting the impact of particular tools in the finished pieces. Her studio is full of an amazing selection of tiles, functional ceramics (platters, bowls, vases, cups, etc.) and objects for display. I wish her well in her journey as an artist and hope you find your way to her delightful studio in Somerville. She also does beautiful custom work, so keep her in mind for your next kitchen or bathroom design project! Her website is a great place to explore her work as well -

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Dear Marjorie,

Thank you for your lovely note on Ruchika's work--I am going to forward it to her and Jonathan Binzen (the article author), who "found" her work. I edited that department, so I'm glad that it had an impact on one of our readers!

Best wishes,

Samara Rafert
Editorial Assistant

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Hello Samara,


You're very welcome.  Kudos to you and Jonathan on promoting her amazing work.

I live in Ann Arbor, MI and am already wishing I'd selected more of her pieces while in Somerville. I love what she's written about her work also. She has some beautiful work on AKAR's website along with text, and her website text about is work is also great.  I had not known about your website before nor your Inspired House publicatoin.  I'm glad to have discovered it. Sometime check out the design firm, Ply Architecture, here in Ann Arbor. Its website is The founder, Craig Borum, is a young gifed architect and may be someone you'd like to cover also.  Ply has been covered in some publications but maybe it could still be a find for your work.  Our house is one of the earliest commerical projects for his firm - it's on his website also (shown as Midwest Rural House and as the Horton Kuwada residence.) I'm writiing about Craig Borum  and Ply to promote their work mainly but since you obviously appreciate design, you may find the images of this residential work he did fun as well.  He incorporated Asian elements into the core design based on our request since we are a multicultural family.

Thanks so much for the nice message! - Marjorie

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Hi! im a student at Tec de Monterrey, and i am studying architecture, so i was asigned in one of my class to develop a research and draw all the floor plans of your house, and i am having a rough time gathering ofnromation abour your house. i can find where it is, i look at website of PLY ARCH firm, and all i find is that the house was built in Ann Arbor, so i hope that you can read this and help me out a little with some basic information about the house, and maybe some background of the significance of why it was made. thank you so much

Atte: José Mario Cárdenas Calderón