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Sliding or french doors

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The question is: sliding door out of kitchen area to back patio or french doors with one solid and one opening?  Is it a pain to keep sliding that door open?

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The pros: Sliding doors are beautiful, provide clear views, and are  easy to come and go from (not a pain to slide back and forth) and are larger than most door frames so you can fit big stuff through them. 

The cons: Sliding doors require big expensive blinds, need to be cleaned frequently, are difficult to get screens for, and less energy efficient (I've heard.)

If you get french doors make sure both open so you have a larger egress.

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We have Anderson sliding doors in our living room leading to our deck and in our bedroom opening to our balcony.  I love them.  You can also check out Pella sliding doors, they are very well made as Anderson. 

As for blinds, you can go to Wal-Mart to buy blinds or buy the fabric ones which are more expensive.  If you purchase Pella sliding doors, they have an option where the blinds are between the glass panels - they are terrific.  We had Pella with the blinds in our former home, totally loved them and the blinds never have to be cleaned.

Good luck.