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What happened to Taunton's service?

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I hate having to qualify a message but before I rant let me say that I love Taunton press pubs.  I subscribe and save FWW & FHB for years in the US and in Europe(although I now just pick up selective issues of FHB from the store).  I subscribed to every issue of the Home Furniture mag, have bought several issues of FG and FC for my wife.  I lost count of how many books I own (35?) I even own a FWW calendar!  And the main reason is Taunton delivers as promised.  Well...

There were many subscribers upset with the delivery of the premier issue, namely the delay getting it in our hands especially after reading the hype and, worse, being teased seeing it in the mag rack.  Not sure who dropped the ball on that one but seems that quite a few subscribers took a hit.  I called and was insistent on getting another one sent to me and it was a good thing because it was the only copy of the premier issue I received to date.  I read with interest some of the earlier posts and was told the same things others were told.

There were a few posts regarding the torn-bent cover condition of delivered magazine.  The Taunton standard of a sacrificial cover (now paper, once plastic wrapped) was missing.  My first copy actually was wrapped (b/c it was sent based on my request) but the 2nd copy just arrived and it looks NASTY. 

In my mind, these mags create a reference library for building and designing -  I cut my teeth in a shop with a piece of wood in one hand and FWW in the other and still use them when approaching a new project.  Having that sacrificial cover helped keep them in good shape until they reached me.  The price of this magazine is on the higher end for mag subscriptions but worth it. 

Saving a few cents on what has been the Taunton standard for shipping doesn't sit well with me, and I'm sure other subscribers.  I would assume that someone at Taunton Press reads these posts and would forward on this suggestion. 


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Thanks for your comments. They will help us improve. I will forward your comments to our publisher.

- Anne

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        I placed an order the month it was supposed to come out..Still haven't recieved anything never mind the premier issue which was one I really did want to start with......oh well.

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Please contact customer service (800-477-8727 or thru this link: and by all means, let them know that you want the first issue! They should be able to help you.

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April 2004 arrrived today and I'm hoping to look through it tonight. Of course, it would have been lovely to receive #2 before #3. I have contacted customer service but I sincerely hope that this subscription is not going to require one email to customer service for every volume received (or not received.) So far it has. It's not like Taunton is new to the business of fulfilling subsriptions but it certainly appears that way. What a disappointment.

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Thanks for your comments, TXgal. I've passed them along to our publisher and several others. We are working to get this problem fixed and we appreciate you letting us know about your experience.

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Thanks. I know that that the kinks are being worked out.

Totally OT, but it was fun to see the lavatory that we put in our powder room as one that was pictured in the article in Issue 3. We have the Kohler Vessels Spun Glass Lav in clear set in a black granite with a wall mount faucet. This sink can be set either as self rimming  or above counter (which actually is partially above counter.) Ours is above counter. I never thought that we'd receive so many complements on a sink!

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Did you get it resolved ??      If not, ask them to "backstart" your subscription. That means to start your subscription with an earlier issue, not the current one.  I think they can back start 2 issues.

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Abused covers, torn pages and so is one of the reasons we let our subscriptions lapse. Still buy every issue at the store however.




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As a premise, I don't work for Taunton, only subscribe to IH of which I received my second issue, cover not torn.  When I worked for a non-profit org. we published 3 magazines (journals) each month and received complaints from the same people each month about their covers being torn.  The Ex.Dir. checked with the post office and found that the P.O. bundles the same number of mags every time, thereby causing the same individuals grief with torn covers.  At the advice of the P.O., the Ex.Dir. wrote the individuals and suggested they change their mailing addy, so their copy wouldn't be on the top or the bottom of the bundles, thereby solving the problem of those who complained.  Hope this info helps.

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"change their mailing addy"


Am I missing something here?




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The resolution to the problem of the torn magazine covers is to move.  ;-)


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Sorry, I left out one important piece of the puzzle.  If you currently receive your magazine at your home address, change the mailing address to your place of work or a relative who won't keep the magazine for themselves.  Or, as AnnL said - you could move.

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Wrong! And if I work from home and not around relatives?  Should I approach a local friend and hope it works out, meaning your strategy with the packing?  And if it doesn't then try again, changing my addy with Taunton yet again?

Or they can continue to do what they have always done and put the sacrificial cover on to preserve the integrity of the magazine. 

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I was offering some info/experience.  Not advising.  If you're receiving the covered magazine, and you're happy, why change the process?

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I wasn't trying to call you out, Rip.  Sorry about that.  Ultimately, Taunton will do what they want but they are pretty good about using reader feedback.   My 2nd issue did not come covered and looks pretty nasty. 

Personally, I want my magazine delivered to me at my address in good shape - that's why I pay in advance.  As subscribers, we get a break on the per issue cost and the publisher gets stability of prepaid customers.  If shipping w/o cover means bent, torn or mutilated magazines, then the publisher loses otherwise faithful subscribers.  It is their responsibilty in the agreement (pay in advance for delivered mag) to do so or run the risk of losing the subscription base. 

I too was merely offering my $ .02 as feedback from a recipient of their product. 

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I would be extremely unhappy if my cover was torn or ruined, so far the magazine looks like it never touched human hands before mine.  

Yep, I was offering my $.02 also.


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My premier copy was in ok shape, and had been a bit wet. The second issue arrived rapidly after the first and was in perfect condition.

I like the idea of a protective cover or clear plastic sleeve. 


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I'm glad you finally received a "keeper" issue.  Maybe Taunton will change their policy and mail all issues in wrappers.  The covers are too good to lose by being ruined in the mail.