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Really disappointed to see a quality magazine stop publication. The covers were always inspiring by their design and photography. The personal stories were entertaining and helpful. The wonderful photos were always artfully mingled with the texts. The inserts, the frames of various colors, the change of fonts....  even sketches were attractively done! It was a true pleasure to relax while turning the pages. How can Taunton let go so easily...?  

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My favorite magazine so far! How sad!

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I was shocked, actually.  After letting my subscription lapse last year (but still picking up issues at the newsstand), I just went to the website this afternoon to initiate a new sub, and saw the announcement.  :-(

I think this is a tremendous loss.  To my mind, Inspired House was a true design magazine, useful for professionals and laypersons alike.  It presented gorgeous and workable design ideas for homes NOT only owned by millionaires.  It was by far the most refreshing and practical design periodical out there.

As a design student, I am extremely unhappy to lose such a unique resource.

I've just gone and ordered duplicate back issues of magazines I already have.  Now I'll have one to cannibalize for project and concept boards, and one to keep indefinitely.


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a long overdue posting, i know; but i also wanted to say how disappointed i was in the discontinued printing of inspired house.  i happened upon it in the end of it's first year and raved about it to friends and coworkers.  i ordered most of the missed back issues and intend on going back for the rest.  it was the only magazine of which i kept close at hand, in neat stacks in my living room, because i refered to all of them all the time! 

the magazine was useful to me because, unlike most design publications,  it was so practical; evey two months i looked forward to design solutions and new ideas that were realistic and attainable for virtually anyone.   It seemed in every issue there was at least one article that i could apply to some project i had going on, be it large or small.  Although the photos and sketches were beautiful, there was no fluff; just great inspiration and information on every page.  i loved the range, from small painting/decorating projects, to major rennovations, and everything in between. 

i don't know how Taunton Press goes about promoting it's periodicals, but i can tell you that before i got my subscription, inspired house was not easy for me to find in stores.  i either had to go to a mega bookseller or one high end specialty grocery store i shop at.   I honestly believe that if more people had known about inspired house, they would've been hooked, too.  I hope there's something comparable in the works!!  when it hits the shelves you can sign me up.  

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This is way overdue!  When I received the letter stating that Inspired House was closing down, I was very disappointed.  Same thing happened when Kitchen Garden went bely up.  I have subscribed to Taunton pulications since the very first issue of threads and have included premier subscriptions to FC and FG and have always found the magazines to be of the finest quality.  I have frequently given some of the wood working mags as gifts as well as the homebuilding issues.

     I wish Taunton continued success with their publications and hope they will continue to provide inspiration in such varied fields.

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Adding a deep sigh of disappointment here too.  This was my favorite magazine, bar none.  Nowhere to turn to now except the Taunton books -- but I will really miss this magazine and hope that it reincarnates somehow in the near future.



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That makes three of us, and I'm sure so many more. I was so sorry to hear about Inspired House. It was by far my favourite magazine of its kind. I, too, have my fingers crossed that a reincarnation will come.