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Your Thoughts on I H#11? Outdoor Kitchen

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Hello House Chatters and IH Readers,

Sheila Torres here. I'm the new editorial assistant for Inspired House.  I'm interested in your thoughts about the current issue #11 (july/august) Outdoor kitchen ideas.

What article did you like the most and why?

If you can, please share how you think you will use the information.

Thank you for your input.

Sheila Torres

Editorial Assitant

Discussion Room Monitor

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I love getting Inspired House and look forward to it.  My favorite articles in the August issue are Bringing back the Foursquare, Size up your Space and Sweet Success.  All were about normal families living normal lives in real houses. 

I would love to see you do an issue on ranch houses and how to update them for today's lives.  We have a ranch with a railroad kitchen (10x5), which I would love to get rid of.  It has no counter space, the d/w and microwave are in the laundry room and only has three drawers.  Unfortunately it sits in the middle of the house and cannot be expanded in any direction!

I would also like to add a bath on ( a normal size bath, not a McMansion bath!).


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Hi Mimi,

Thanks for your input. I will share your request about ranch updates with our staff. Also, have a look at the current issue of Fine Homebuilding's annual Houses publication. It features ranches that have been transformed or converted. May be more than you need, but good for ideas and inspiration.

Fine Homebuilding is at:

Taunton also published a book about updating Ranches:

Thanks for writing. Please keep reading Inspired House.

Sheila Torres

House Chat Monitor

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Sheila, I absolutely love IH and look forward to its arrival.  I have read the ranch updates in the current issue, and while they are lovely they would not work for me.

I want to stay in a ranch type home because I have arthritis (even though I am only 50) and stairs are very awkward and painful.  [This came about after a student jumped over a chair and landed on my ankle, breaking it and sending me for surgery.]  We are currently in a ranch on the east coast, one of those builder's boxes that went up in the aftermath of WWII.  It has been modified over the years and prior to our buying it in the '80's.  The front porch has been closed in and the back porch had been converted to a den/family room.  What we need is a way to enlarge/renovate the kitchen, which is sandwiched between the dining room and den.  It is small, airless and lightless (what were the previous owners thinking!?).  I would guess that I am not the only homeowner with this set-up ;)


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  Just finished this and as usual I really enjoyed it. I have to admit that the cover article was probably my least favorite, though, because they seemed so impractical for us. For example, in the kitchen where they hung the pots outside on the trellis- that wouldn't work here because the birds would dirty them up.  Likewise the pond next to the kitchen area would totally ruin any gatherings as the cloud of mosquitos that nest there descend; and the wood burning oven, while very neat, is out of our price range (besides the lack of wood to burn around here).

I loved the 'Size up your space' article, the one on American Foursquares, the 2 styles 1 home, and the article on decking material.  One of my favorite sections has to be 'Specs'. If you made this bigger and 'Finds' smaller I wouldn't complain.

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Dear aimless,

We really appreciate your input. I have shared it with everyone on the staff. Thanks again.

Sheila Torres

House Chat monitor