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wooden divider in modern room

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I would like to know about the long floor vase which contains brown branches which is used as a divider in the room in the  "A Thoroughly Modern Makeover" pictures.  I would love to purchase somthing like this for my house.  Can any one tell me if they know where to purchase anything similiar to this.




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Dear MC,

The architects/designers, Robert Cole & Sophie Prevost (a husband & wife team), had originally designed that piece and had it made for themselves. When they didn't like the way it worked in their home, they gave it to the owners of the house in the article. I don't have information on what kind of wood was used for the base or who made it for them, but it's a pretty simple configuration that probably would not be difficult for you to make or have made for yourself. It's a wooden base with copper piping stuck in regularly spaced holes. They actually change out the branches as fancy or the seasons strike them--you could use the stand for [JOBSITE WORD]willow branches, fall leaves, or whatever struck your fancy.

Hope that helps, and thanks for reading!

Samara Rafert, Editorial Assistant

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Thanks for the  speedy reply.  I am very impressed with the speedy reply and the  magazine it is a great one!