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24 ft span floor joist

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I am building a loft in my barn, it will be 24 foot wide by 60 foot long and 7 feet tall.  I was trying to keep the middle span open underneath the loft.  I was planning on using 2"x12"x16' joists, they would overlap by 8 ft in the middle.  I was going to use 4 bolts, nails and heavy duty adhesive.  I am afraid of having spring in my floor, does anybody know where I could find engineering specs on attempting this.  I do not want to go this road if it is unsafe.  The lumber will be bought at Home Depot or Lowes in MD, I think it is mostly douglas fir.

Spring? Spring would be the (post #215996, reply #1 of 2)

Spring? Spring would be the least of your problems. The floor would be a trampoline.  You couldn't  store a case of tissue paper up there.  Floor trusses or laminated beams would probably work but you'd need an engineer to tell you.

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Go to either of those (post #215996, reply #2 of 2)

Go to either of those suppliers and talk to the commercial desk.  They should be able to spec Trus Joists (Brand name for I joists) that will span 24'  likely looking at 12" on center though.  11 7/8ths TJI 560's at 12" on center will span 26' at 40 pounds live load and 20 pounds dead load.

if you can go to 14" they wont have a bit of a problem...ones I see at 14" 16" on center show a span of 23"6"

and a bonus...they might actually be cheaper than two 16' 2x12